Austrian Audio detail new Hi-X65 open-back headphones

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Austrian Audio detail new Hi-X65 open-back headphones

Words by Will Brewster

Suitable for professional and recreational applications alike.

Straight out of the heartland of premium audio electronics, Austrian Audio have debuted the new Hi-X65 headphones, a set of open-back cans that are designed to stand up as a superior solution for mixing, mastering and critical listening applications.

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Dubbed as a follow-up to the impressive Hi-X55, the Hi-X65s feature Austrian Audio’s proprietary High Excursion (Hi-X) technology to deliver a ‘transparent sound’ to suit the most surgical of listening scenarios.

Boasting a frequency response range of 5Hz – 28 kHz, Austrian Audio tout the Hi-X65’s sound profile as open and detailed, with reliable bass imaging and a linear frequency response allowing for low harmonic distortion to make for a clear, concise sound to suit the rigours of working in pro audio.

The cans are loaded with 44mm drivers and ring magnet systems to enhance airflow and offer the ‘strongest magnetic field in its class’, while impulse reactions are bolstered via a copper-clad aluminium voice coil that lightens the membrane of each driver.

Austrian Audio claim that these moving metal components also allow for the maximum load capacity available, with an impedance of 25 ohms also allowing the Hi-X65s to hold up even when used with a wide range of sound sources.

Other notable features include the use of memory foam for the headphone’s ear pads and headband, allowing for a comfortable fit to withstand long hours of use.

Each set of headphones also ships with 1.2m and 3m auxiliary cables with 3.5mm and 1/4″ jack adapters to suit varying sound sources, while their foldable construction allows you to easily stow them away between each use.

Find out more about the Hi-X65 headphones via Austrian Audio. For domestic enquiries, get in touch with Group Technologies.