TikTok has rolled out their ‘Creator Next’ initiative to increase monetisation for creators

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TikTok has rolled out their ‘Creator Next’ initiative to increase monetisation for creators

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Words by Eli Duxson

Users can send ‘Tips’ and ‘Video Gifts’ to eligible creators

TikTok has rolled out their ‘Creator Next’ initiative where eligible music-makers and content creators can unlock and access rewards for their creations through their new ‘Tips’ and ‘Video Gifts’ features.

What you need to know:

  • TikTok has launched their new ‘Creator Next’ program to allow eligible music-makers and content creators to monetise their creativity.
  • ‘Tips’ and ‘Video Gifts’ can be sent directly to your favourite creators.
  • TikTok’s popularity and use continues to grow and especially for music discovery.

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TikTok said “the new Tips feature allows people to directly show gratitude to creators for their content, much like recognising exceptional service or giving a standing ovation”.

“As is standard for tipping in person, with Tips, creators will receive 100 per cent of the tip value,” they said.

Technology company Stripe will process the payments which allows creators to sign up in seconds and manage their earnings in a simple dashboard.

Video Gifts like ‘Diamonds’ allows users to monetise their TikTok posting, but also get recognised more greatly by TikTok, inevitably placing them higher on users’ feeds.

To be eligible to participate in TikTok Creator Next, creators must be 18 years of age or older, meet minimum follower requirements (which can differ depending on region), have at least one thousand video views in the last 30 days, have at least three posts in the last 30 days.

Business accounts will be ineligible but users must also have an account that is in good standing with community guidelines and be based in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain (Canada and Australia will also have access in the coming months although APRA AMCOS’ deal will enable monetisation for Australian creators).

The announcement is coming off the back of increasing awareness of TikTok becoming a source of finding music for users whether it’s new or old as well as the company crossing the one billion user mark, so now creators can benefit directly from the platform.

A TikTok-commissioned study through MRC Data and Flamingo has found that 75 per cent of users say they discover new artists through TikTok and 63 per cent hear new music on the app that they have not heard before.

This has also sparked the “Heard it on TikTok” moment, the company says, where 72 per cent of its users agree that they associate certain songs with TikTok.

“From those making TikTok videos ‘just for fun’ to side hustlers and those who consistently create, we know creators have different goals, motivations, and expectations,” TikTok said.

“Designed with this in mind, the features available through Creator Next offer a variety of ways for the TikTok community to reward their favourite creators.”

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