New from Native Instruments!

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New from Native Instruments!

Native Instruments
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

The reigning royalty of VST have unveiled two new offerings: Crosstalk Piano and Session Bassist – Upright Bass.

Native Instruments

Crosstalk Piano

Discover a fresh approach to piano with Native Instruments. Faithful piano samples with a soft, dark tone have been combined with a huge selection of processed multisamples. Choose from fragile, resynthesized, and deconstructed sounds, including field recordings, weird FM pianos, guitar-like feedback loops, and much more. Then layer any sample, use the Crosstalk feature to modulate individual layer volume over time, and shape the sound with six different macros. Crosstalk Piano will take you in new directions with a deep, atmospheric sound perfect for emotional compositions.

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Next-generation piano

  • An upright piano combined with processed multisamples in a completely new way
  • Shift layered piano sounds over time with per layer volume modulations, like short peaks, smooth curves or pumping
  • Explore over 200 inspiring presets and morph through three sound variations for each one

Session Bassist – Upright Bass

Native Instruments helps us experience the depth and resonance of the upright bass, sampled from a distinguished 1970s model handcrafted in Mittenwald. A comprehensive library of loops, melodies, and articulations performed by leading session musicians make it simple to infuse the backbone of your tracks with organic charm, whether you’re laying down soulful jazz and blues bass lines, pop and hip hop grooves, or even classical motifs.

Virtual double bass

  • The deep, organic low end of a stunning handcrafted upright bass
  • Explore over 220 playable patterns and phrases that are perfect for a range of contemporary genres
  • Compose and perform your own solo melodies and basslines

For more info on Crosstalk Piano or Session Bassist, visit Native Instruments.