Audio Pro Blackstar Edition Drumfire: Live sound from a multiroom speaker

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Audio Pro Blackstar Edition Drumfire: Live sound from a multiroom speaker

Words by Sam McNiece

A multiroom speaker that looks like a guitar amp and cab combo!

Audio Pro, a Swedish based speaker manufacturer has collaborated with Blackstar to release a special edition of their Drumfire multiroom loudspeaker. The two part speaker features a custom EQ curve from the Blackstar team which aims to emulate a live gig sound.

What you need to know:

  • Blackstar Amplification have teamed up with Audio Pro to release a special edition Drumfire speaker system.
  • The unit is a multiroom speaker that uses Audio Pro’s own connection protocol and is dubbed ‘The loudest playing multiroom speaker’.
  • The Audio Pro Blackstar Edition Drumfire will be available for delivery from November 15, 2021.

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Drumfire is a two part speaker that looks like an amplifier and cab combo. The top portion features an RCA input, aux input sub out and ethernet connector to enable wired networking. The unit is equipped with WiFi 2.4 gHz and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity plus Apple Airplay and Spotify compatibility, which works with their preset buttons that allow you to save radio stations and playlists to a button for listening to music without having to look at your device. The sub portion of the speaker has a dedicated crossover from 40-120 Hz with independent phase and level controls.

Audio Pro Blackstar Edition Drumfire top product shot

The unit ships in black (obviously) and weighs in at a hefty 16.5 kg which will engage the inner roadie within all of us. The top portion features two 1″ textile dome tweeters with two 4.5″ long throw woofers while the large cab style bottom unit hosts an 8″ long throw subwoofer. The smaller top box can be run standalone and can reproduce frequencies from 45-22000 Hz while with the sub engaged can get as low as 30 Hz.

The unit. can connect to other Audio Pro products through their Muiltiroom Audio Pro connectivity protocol which allows you to play music to multiple speakers at the same time throughout your house.

On the reason behind creating the Blackstar Edition Drumfire, Ian Robinson, Blackstar Founder and Managing Director, explains; “When you go to see a live band there’s an anticipation of the experience, the excitement of live sound. We wanted to have a speaker for the home that would create the same expectation and enjoyment. The Drumfire Blackstar Edition is a statement that you’re serious about music.” Paul Hayhoe, Blackstar Founder and Brand Director, adds; “At Blackstar we are all passionate about creating and listening to music, getting ‘the sound in your head’. Nothing else looks like Drumfire and nothing else has the room-filling power and clarity of a Drumfire.”

The speaker is set to be shipped on November 15th and is retailing for 7,000 KR (approximately AU$1000).

Head to Audio Pro’s website for more information on the Blackstar Edition Drumfire.