MOD Dwarf: A multi-effects pedal within a pedal

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MOD Dwarf: A multi-effects pedal within a pedal

Mod Devices Dwarf audio processor
Words by Sam McNiece

Yo dawg, I heard you like effects pedals...

If you can dream the effects chain, you can make it. That’s the selling point for the MOD Devices Dwarf audio processor pedal, that uses DSP to allow for a wide range of effects to be generated on the device that can be edited from your web browser.

What you need to know:

  • The MOD Dwarf is a digital pedalboard within a physical pedal.
  • Complex effects sequences can be created via a computer and then loaded on the Dwarf, allowing for tweaking and activation on your signal path.
  • There’s a wide range of effects available to use, and the Mod Dwarf have extensive connectivity options.

Read all the latest product news here.

Through a website, which you can connect to when your computer is plugged into the device, the MOD Ecosystem offers over 300 effects (that is continually expanding) to add, tweak and patch at your discretion, which even includes synths and MIDI triggers.

The website allows you to edit your patches on whatever platform you use to browse the web (yes even linux). Once done, you can load pedal boards which in turn can have saved snapshots (like presets) for you to load. The device itself has three footswitches, three knobs, four buttons, stereo 1/4-inch in and out, MIDI in and out plus both USB A and B connections and an ethernet port for updating the Dwarf.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the pedal is that it can fit wherever you’d like in a setup. You could use it as a typical pedalboard, or as an amp simulator, as a synthesiser and even a sequencer. The possibilities are literally endless as they continue to update the ecosystem the Dwarf exists in.

Head to MOD Devices to check out the Dwarf and for local enquiries, get in touch with Koala Audio.