Studio Essentials: Golding

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Studio Essentials: Golding

Now, Golding look to assert their status as one of Australia’s finest emerging acts with a stunning visual to match the dulcet tones of their breakout hit, ‘Alone. Together.’. Featuring a head-snapping bass line and cushioned by a ridiculously smooth vocal performance from Bainbridge, ‘Alone. Together’ is nothing but a sheer ear worm that only gets better with each listen, setting a titanium precedent for whatever may come next from Golding. 



With the music video for ‘Alone. Together.’ out now, Golding gave us a peek into their home studio to showcase the vast collection of synths, guitars and hardware used to create their tracks. 


1. Sequential Prophet 6

This is the coolest and most interesting sounding synth I’ve come across. It’s my go to for big textured bass tones and big leads / hook parts.  



2. Gibson Grabber Bass Guitar

The bass on ‘Alone. Together.’ is this plugged directly into a JLM audio TG Preamp and a little bit of compression via a Distressor, that’s it! This bass has its own sound and vibe (when played right) and is a big part of the Golding sound. 



3. RETRO 176 Tube Compressor

This guy is more of a vibe / tone box then a compressor for me, it can be super transparent or really aggressive and colourful. It’s usually on either the lead vocal or bass in a mix.



4. Brainworx SSL 4000E Channel Strip

This plugin is literally on every track of ‘Alone. Together.’! It’s by FAR the best sounding SSL emulation so far IMO.



5. Elektron Digitone Keys

This is probably one of the coolest modern synths available. It’s SUPER clean sonically, but can get really gritty as well, its actually a really versatile piece. We used this for the lush 3D sounding pad sound in the chorus of ‘Alone. Together.’.



6. Arturia MINI V

Our favourite soft synth for a while now. It still holds up next to all the real analogue synths we have in the studio!


7. Shure SM7b

This mic really suits Jay’s vocal. Jay will normally throw down ideas and demos with the studio monitors on, so it’s handy having a mic that both sounds cool and deals with spill quite well. A lot of the time, Jay will capture a demo vocal with his SM7b and when we get around to cutting the “final” vocal, the demo vocal usually wins and just stays.


8. Native Instruments Maschine MK3

This is such a great instrument to start seeds or beats with. It’s super simple to use and has a seemingly unlimited supply on new sounds and samples to play with.


9. Moog Subsequent 37 

The king of HUGE mono bass. This was the first analogue synth that I fell in love with, and it still gets used on almost every track I work. It’s actually our best mate’s keyboard but has lived at my studio for about 3 years now, I think? We are always working on music together, so at least he knows we’re taking care of it.  



10. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Closed Back Headphones

We spend so much time on headphones while we are writing and recording that comfort and sound quality is super important, and these deliver 10/10’s in both areas.



‘Alone. Together.’ is available to stream on all platforms now.