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“Without a doubt, it’s probably the biggest thing that helps keep the ball rolling when we’re writing music, we just vibe off each other completely” he says. The brothers lead the creative process with Morgan taking care of the lyrics and Nic the music. “It might sound cliché, but we don’t really have to say anything. We can look at each other after, say Nic writes a part or I have an idea and we don’t have to say much, we can tell just by the expression on each other’s face. We sort of have a pre-built idea of exactly how we feel about something as a group.”


Recorded at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney and The Machine Shop Studios, New Jersey, The Youth To Become was bred from an infatuation with a range of musical genres. Surprisingly, the group take a liking to sounds that couldn’t be further from their heavy post-hardcore tones. “Everyone in the band listens to so much. I think heavy music is actually one of the styles of music we probably listen to less than other types of music, even classical; we listen to a lot of electronic music” the frontman revealed. Finding solace in fellow rockers Circa Survive, their previous works have had a specific influence on the Stories sound. “Juturna is so far from anything our album’s like, but it’s small things here and there that go a long way in how they influence an artist. Circa Survive is definitely a band that has inspired my brother and I. We have obsessed over different components that band’s created.”


Replacing original Stories bass player Jackson Lowe on the tour will be new recruit Luke Fuller. Joining in June this year, Fuller has swiftly impressed forever-faithful fans and fellow band members. “Luke joined after we completed the recording process. It was a bit of grey area; we didn’t have a bass player for a while,” he says. “To be honest, even though the album was recorded, post album recording, he’s still been such a valuable member to be introduced to the band. He’s provided so much information. He’s definitely a really smart guy, not just with bass playing but he’s a really good Audio-Tech head.”


Stories have clearly exceeded Australia’s expectations with the release of their debut album. The Youth To Become presents a quality studio sound that packs a punch. In particular, ‘Under Haze’ has been received incredibly well by both long-time fans and new comers. Along with the release came the band’s first music video filming experience. “It was  definitely nerve wracking leading up to it, knowing there’s close shots of your face performing, to be released to the public to watch for entertainment” said the vocalist. “We went for a day and a half of filming in the one location, close to almost two days without sleeping, taking shot after shot. It was exhausting, but really fun. We wanted to back up the imagery in ‘Under Haze’ with visuals. We felt like when we were writing the song, it was a song that would work very well with a music video from the very beginning. It’s really pulsing and staticy, sort of washed out. We wanted to give it an industrial feel but then have raw, organic imagery to go with it.”


With a rapidly growing fan base and an album with a reputation that precedes itself, the Sydney based band are certainly headed in the right direction. Through all their success, the humble homegrown’s never forget where it all began. One man who played a predominant role in the band’s rise was Northlane guitarist, Josh Smith. “Having Josh as our manager at the time provided us with so many opportunities. We had so many great little shows here and there that helped give us a footprint in the industry,” he says. “It was really helpful being able to have someone there whose had that previous experience as an up and coming band from Australia, to being quite a big band at the moment. I saw a video of them play their Sydney show, they continually step it up and they sound so good.” 


Stories will be touring national from February 11 through to March 5. For more info head to