Anty Horgan of The Bennies

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Anty Horgan of The Bennies


What piece of equipment do you have to show us today?

A microKORG.


How did you come across this particular item?

I had a really shitty and crappy keyboard that I borrowed/stole off an ex-girlfriend. I eventually had to give it back… So I was like “I’ll go buy my own keyboard.” Then when I was at the shop, I discovered synths. The microKORG was the cheapest and easiest and fun…est.


What is it that you like so much about it?

It’s really accessible but also has limitless potential. It makes me feel like I’m playing a video game through music.


How do you use it, and how has it shaped the way you write music?

It is either a texture thing that gets added to try and add a bit more mood to certain parts. Either that or we find a sound that makes everyone laugh and then we go from there.


Any other interesting points/stories about it?

Once in Japan we were playing and after our set, this dude came up and gave me two thumbs up then poured a beer all over the microKORG. It still worked fine the next day, which was amazing!


When’s the next show?

We just played Big Pineapple. Now we can chill out and get high for about 4 weeks before we head off on a massive Australian tour through the end of June and all of July with Clowns and Axe Girl.


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