Process Lab announces 2018 electronic music production workshop

For The Bedroom Producer, Professional, And Tinkerer Alike

Process Lab is a workshop series that provides practical and in-depth sessions in various aspects of music and sound.

The May Process Lab workshop is a day-long workshop featuring two topics: electronic music production and performance, and synthesiser building. It will be held on Saturday May 5, from 10am to 3pm at The Channel.


Join renowned musician and producer Emah Fox for a day-long masterclass in music production, as she demonstrates the construction of both live sets and produced electronic music. Bring your own setup to join in small group jams or use the gear provided at the venue.


Robert D Jordan, the esteemed engineer behind Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics, will be hosting the synthesiser building course, with each attendee walking out with a self-built Yowler Mini Synthesiser. All materials and tools will be provided at the workshop; you only need to bring your creativity.


For more information and tickets, click here.