Reviewed: Fender Engager Boost

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Reviewed: Fender Engager Boost


Effect: Clean Boost

Expect To Pay: $169

Distributor: Fender Australia



Recommended For:

Almost any guitarist out there, for almost any genre imaginable.



The Engager is Fender’s take on a clean boost, providing up to 20dB of extra volume and handy EQ manipulation. The frequency toggle switch allows players to target either 800Hz or 400Hz, while the middle knob enables you to either boost or cut the selected frequency.     



The controls are extremely straightforward. The pedal includes a bypass toggle switch located on the rear, allowing players to choose between true or buffered bypass for appropriate placement anywhere in your signal chain.



The Engager Boost has a form fitting to its function – a clean, blank slate of brushed silver makes for the perfect canvas upon which to sculpt your tone. Complete with a durable anodized aluminium body and white Fender amp jewel light, this pedal was built ready to withstand the stress of rigorous gigging and relentless touring.   



The Engager works brilliantly with all types of setups. You can use it in a variety of ways, including as a method of increasing gain from an already overdriven amp, an EQ sculpting pedal or simply as a classic volume boost. There’s beauty in simplicity, and the Engager fits that description perfectly.