Reviewed: Fender The Pelt Fuzz

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Reviewed: Fender The Pelt Fuzz

Effect: Fuzz

Expect To Pay: $269

Distributor: Fender Australia



Recommended For:

Rock, metal, and punk players.



This silicon transistor-based fuzz is able to produce a surprisingly wide range of heavy, woolly tones thanks to its supplementary voicing controls. The ingenious midrange contour switch allows players to cut or boost their midrange EQ, while the thickness switch adds additional low end girth if so desired. The bloom and fuzz controls both add creative outlets for the player looking to truly stand out in the mix. 



After completely understanding the nuances of the controls, dialling in a variety of tones becomes a walk in the park. The Pelt works wonders as a dirty rhythm tone when rolling back the volume knob, and absolutely melts faces when used as a capstone pedal at the end of a drive chain.



As with Fender’s entire range of new pedals, The Pelt is built like a tank with a beautiful purple anodized aluminium exterior and eye-catching amethyst Fender amp jewel light. Fender’s exclusive magnetic battery door is another welcome addition to all battery purists out there, and provides unrivalled ease and accessibility when swapping batteries out. 



With more tone-shaping tools than your average fuzz pedal, The Pelt is geared towards players looking for a fuzz like no other. From creamy, saturated warmth to sputtering distortion, this pedal is definitely one to check out if you’re a fuzz fan.