Reviewed: Fender Marine Layer Reverb

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Reviewed: Fender Marine Layer Reverb

Effect: Reverb

Expect To Pay: $299

Distributor: Fender Australia



Recommended For:

Any guitarist looking to explore murky depths, shimmering highs, and everything in between.



This reverb unit has six high quality digital reverb algorithms, based on three main modes with two variations each. Combined with a pre-delay control and a filter toggle to choose between brighter or darker reflections, the Marine Layer can cover some serious sonic ground. A dry kill on/off switch located on the back can even be used for muting the dry signal path in your amp’s effects loop if desired.



The controls are simple to use and fairly self-explanatory. The LED-backlit knobs are both sensitive and responsive, and make for easy tweaking even on a dark stage.



Off the bat, the Marine Layer is an absolute stunner with build quality to match. The sea-green anodized aluminium housing is durable yet lightweight, with a gorgeous emerald jewel light in the centre. The easily accessible magnetic battery door allows for hassle-free battery swaps when necessary.



Almost every guitarist needs a solid reverb pedal in their effects arsenal, and Fender has absolutely hit the nail on the head with the Marine Layer Reverb. With a plethora of extremely usable reverb options at your fingertips, it’s hard to say no to its dashing good looks and versatile capabilities.