Reviewed: NUX Solid Studio

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Reviewed: NUX Solid Studio

Effect: Amp Simulator

Expect To Pay: $269

Distributor: Pro Music Australia



Recommended For:

Studio boffins, amp nerds, apartment dwellers with limited space.



To describe the NUX Solid Studio as versatile would almost be insulting – this pedal redefines just how flexible a simulator pedal should be. With eight classic cabinet and microphone models as well as three tube and microphone placement types to choose from, if you can’t manage to find a desired tone out of this pedal, maybe you should just give up.



If you’re pining for an oddly specific tone – say, the cabinet of a Roland JC120 close-mic’d with a Neumann U87 through a power amp loaded with EL34 valves – buy the NUX Solid Studio. This pedal is near limitless with its possibilities, and the inclusion of a DI Output on the side means you can leave your amp at home and gig straight through a PA.



For such a tonally diverse pedal, the NUX Solid Studio is surprisingly compact, and far lighter than expected. All of the knobs and switches feel extremely rugged, and the inclusion of the DI Output on the left side of the unit means you’ll be less likely to trip on excessive cables when using the unit onstage. It’s the simple things that win me over.



The only other pedal I’ve encountered with a similar amount of microphone, valve and cabinet options to the NUX Studio was three times the size and more than double the price – and to be honest, I think I got a lot more out of this one. If you’re also tempted to explore the world of an amp-free live rig, I’d heavily recommend the NUX Solid Studio – it’s got bang, it’s got buck, and it’s built like a truck. Not bad at all.