Mixdown’s Picks: Vox 847-C Wah Pedal

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Mixdown’s Picks: Vox 847-C Wah Pedal

This time around, we’re dissecting the huge range of essential effects out there for stage and studio, exploring everything from rugged multi-effects units through to boutique overdrives and vocal plug-ins. 


Vox V847-C Wah Pedal 

Key Features: Modelled on the original 1960s specs, the V847-C will give you the legendary wah sound you know and love, with cool retro styling combined with the ruggedness you would expect from such a classic. This an evolutionary pedal for Vox with careful experimentation combining to convey new tones to suit today’s contemporary rock styles.


Improved frequency sweep and presence deliver numerous updates to this time-honoured device. With a lower frequency range set against a boosted gain at the opposite end, this pedal can deliver a sharper peak sound with a very low centre of gravity. The warmer input impedance setting makes for a very warm sound which is powerful yet tasteful. The Vox Wah will make anything you play stand out, whether you are stomping chords or dive-bombing solos. 


The Vox 847-C also employs a true bypass system which allows the signal to remain pure when the unit is switched off. Its classic rubber feet have been improved to benefit easier on/off switching, and are presented with true retro styling. Manufactured in Japan, the unit also features traditional Japanese Vox artwork on its top and bottom plates. 


The Vox Wah uses a 9v battery, or you can purchase a DC adapter as an optional extra. The battery life is rated at 100 hours of continuous use. Its weight is a generous 1.3 kg and is housed in its own vinyl carry bag making it gig friendly. The difficulty of turning a wah pedal on or off has been a major criticism with these sorts of devices over the years, but Vox has made their lever arc a bit smaller, which allows for easier functionality and a noticeably smoother ride than with other wah pedals.


Mixdown Says: A classic reimagined. From its robust construction to its numerous updates on a classic theme, this pedal gives you plenty of wah for your buck. Warm tones and big high-end crunch, combined with signal bypass function deliver a dependable old-school sound and eminent usability all in one cool looking package.


Overall: While using the classic configurations of the Vox wah, the 847-C has enough special features and customizations to make it the absolute modern wah pedal. Those psychedelic swinging ’60s sounds are only a footstep away.


Find out more about the Vox 847-C here.