Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand

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Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand



It goes without saying that you should expect something a little different to the norm in a Hercules stand. So, when I took this from the box and removed it from the padded, zippered travel pouch, there was a moment or two of scratching my head before I figured out how it came to use. Once you figure it out, it makes sense total sense; setting up, along with packing up is a piece of cake. The feet snap into position for a stable base, with rubber ends to stop the stand from sliding about on the surface it is used on. Unfortunately, there were no such pads on the bracing arms, and it felt like the laptop was in danger of getting knocked off of the stand as it could move about on its perch with some sideways pressure.



The folding mechanism within this stand’s design allows for it to sit in a number of different height positions, dictated by adjusting the vertical support beam during the setup process. You can’t adjust it while the laptop is on the stand; it is firmly locked into place at this stage, so it isn’t likely to collapse even with heavy computers. In fact, the upright supports lock into place with the weight of the laptop on the arms, so it is completely secure when in use. When upright, you can easily adjust the angle that the upper arms sit at, so your laptop can sit at or be angled down with the keyboard almost on a vertical plane at the most extreme of positions. The fact that you don’t have to screw anything together, there are no plastic threads that will fail and it all folds up into a at storage case that will fit in your laptop bag makes this just too good not to look into. 


For more info on Hercules products, visit www.elfa.com.au.