Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1 Guitar System

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Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1 Guitar System



When you consider what goes into the making of your guitar rig, the most important factor is tone. So much time and money is spent getting the right guitar, pickups, pedals, amp and speakers to achieve a very specific tone. Some spend years chasing it, so it is only right that many would be concerned about sacrificing such tone for the freedom to move around the stage. Traditional wireless systems have had a tendency to suck some of the life out of guitar signals, but the digital transmission in the D1 should allow any guitarist to cast aside any such worries.


It is what is going on behind the belt pack that is what the Evolution D1 is all about. This sees a great leap forward
in digital audio transmission from Sennheiser and really sets them up as a market leader in this area. The audio conversion at both ends is really uncompromising. You guitar sound will be delivered to your amp just as it would with an over-priced, over-engineered cable that comes with a whole range of promises.



I know that when you are up on stage, the last thing you want to do is worry about technology. The D1 is all about that and makes it as easy as possible to be set up and ready to go. Once plugged in, it takes a matter of moments to have the transmitter and receiver aligned, and you are ready to perform. It has a nifty automatic gain control that works continuously to ensure enough level is getting through no matter what application. You can get in and edit parameters with an iOS or Android app, but for most users, it will be a plug and play situation where the D1 does all the work for you. It is smart, sophisticated and simple to use, but best of all, Sennheiser have finally done away with the polystyrene packaging and now deliver the D1 in a sturdy carry case to get it to and from every gig safely. You won’t see guitarists turning up to a sound check with a cardboard box held together with gaffer tape any more. 


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