Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Guitar

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Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Guitar



With any good guitar wireless system, you want it to be able to be set up and operating in a matter of moments. If it involves too much work, you might as well just use a lead and suffer the distance restrictions that come with the traditional way of plugging in a guitar. With a simple pairing process to get the transmitter and receiver linked up, you are ready to play. Because of this, you can easily purchase additional belt pack transmitters if you want to use multiple guitars. When switching from one guitar to the next, it is just a matter of holding the pairing buttons to lock the two together and you are ready to play again.



Having a wireless guitar receiver in a pedal just makes sense when you think about it. Gone are the days of the bulky box receiver, especially when you need your signal to run from the receiver to the first pedal on your board. The System 10 receiver now takes the first position on your board, with one of the outputs going straight to the input of the next pedal in the signal path. The two separate outputs allow you to run a side chained tuner if you like, or split the signal to two amps for a Wet/ Dry rig.


As far as powering the receiver goes, it is a really friendly unit that is able to operate on either 9 or 12 volt DC power. But, best of all, the polarity of the adaptor can be either positive or negative, so you will be able to run it from another power chain on your existing pedal board. The only negative is the cable that runs from the belt pack transmitter has an awkward four-pin connector at one end. So, if this cable deteriorates in any way, you will need to replace it with the Audio-Technica cable.