DBX goRack Portable PA Performance Processor

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DBX goRack Portable PA Performance Processor

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I know many of you go to great lengths to get the best sound possible for both recording and for live performance. And when you think about all the components in your live setup, there are a great number of elements that contribute to the final sound heard by the audience. It starts with your setup and ends with the speakers projecting to the room, and a great deal of money can be spent getting it all to sound right. But then, when it all comes together, have you finally got the sound you were seeking? Or does your PA need a little something extra, a final process to bring the sound together the way it should be. That little something extra is the goRack from DBX. Inserted between your mixer and amplifier, it gives your sound a final polish before it gets to the speakers. It works with either powered or passive speakers, for equally great results, however this may not be possible if your mixer and power amps are contained in one unit.


If you are running a very lean setup for solo performances, the goRack might even be all that you need between your instruments and speakers. The two inputs can operate on line level for signals coming from a mixer, but they also have microphone preamps built-in too, so you can run a microphone and a guitar directly through the goRack, along with an auxiliary input for backing tracks, meaning this can be the simplest way to get a great sound without the need for a separate mixer.


Setting the effects in play is really easy. Five control buttons let you adjust anti-feedback, compression, sub frequencies and EQ as well as a mute function. Engage one of these buttons and use the jog wheel to choose the pre-set you want and you’re all good. You don’t need to scroll through menus and know how to program the thing to get it running, just use your ears and select the pre-sets that work best in the space you’re in. Plug it in; dial it up and away you go.