Update Oberheim OB-X8 for free!

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Update Oberheim OB-X8 for free!

Oberheim OB-X8
Words by Mixdown staff

For the first time in more than 40 years, a legendary analog synth sound returns—now updated!

Oberheim are excited to announce the arrival of the free OB-X8 OS v2.0 update, a powerful OS expansion that unlocks significant creative possibilities for your OB-X8.

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  • Immerse yourself in binaural worlds: Craft breathtaking sonic landscapes with the OB-X8’s intuitive new stereo imaging mode.
  • Simultaneously selectable waveshapes for each oscillator extend timbral variety.
  • More sound sculpting power: Experience fuller, richer bass tones with the new 4-Pole Low Pass filter type.
  • Additional LFO destinations: Independent VCO modulation weaves new sonic textures.

They didn’t stop there. The OB-X8 OS v2.0 update offers a host of additional performance enhancements:

  • Extend your sonic palette with the expanded Split and Double memory locations, allowing for more soundscape combinations.
  • Take command of your rhythms with the arpeggiator’s new selectable note division values for clock sync.’
  • Poly chain seamlessly connects and controls multiple instruments, empowering you to create massive 32-voice epics.
  • Nuanced expression at your fingertips: MPE support introduces new levels of dynamic articulation in your performances.

The OB-X8 OS v2.0 update is a testament to Oberheim’s unwavering commitment to continue providing professional instruments for creating groundbreaking art. Ready to embrace the future of Analog? Download the free OB-X8 OS v2.0 update today and rediscover the vast potential of your OB-X8.

For more info, or to update your OB-X8 to OS 2.0, visit Oberheim here.