Universal Audio UAFX Pedals launch compact range!

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Universal Audio UAFX Pedals launch compact range!

Universal Audio
Words by Mixdown Staff

Universal Audio’s pedal range is now made more accessible and affordable with the 1176, Evermore, Heavenly and Orion.

The Universal Audio pedal range has seen hype across the industry, now made more accessible and affordable with their compact range of pedals in the 1176, Evermore, Heavenly and Orion. These pedals join their bigger cousins the Woodrow ‘55 Instrument Amplifier, the Dream ‘65 Reverb Amp Pedal, Del-Verb Delay and more!

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The UAFX Compact range begins with a classic: the 1176. The 1176 Studio Compressor delivers authentic emulation of the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier, a studio classic. It features familiar Input, Output, Attack, and Release controls, as well as an addition ‘All’ setting on the Ratio knob for the 1176’s famous ‘all buttons in’ setting for maximum compression.

The Orion is UAFX’s spacious tape echo, featuring self explanatory controls and the ability to toggle between ‘Mint, ‘Worn’ and ‘Old’ tape sounds. A handy addition is the ‘Wonk’ knob that allows for pitch modulation that’s reminiscent of real tape machines.

The Heavenly is a plate reverb, giving you the sound of 1950’s German plate reverbs, all within a much more practical stompbox as opposed to the hulking masses of metal that are a real plate reverb. The Heavenly has three plate settings, as well as a Mix knob to dial in as much of your heavenly sound as you wish!

For players after a little more fidelity, the Evermore gives you the sound of some classic late-70s digital reverbs, synonymous with recording even today. The Evermore provides that grainy, crushed sound of ‘early digital’, again with a Mix knob, and options for a Room verb, or Small and Large Hall reverbs.

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