22 new pickups in Gibson Pickup Shop Collection

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22 new pickups in Gibson Pickup Shop Collection

Words by Mixdown Staff

There’s '57 and Custombuckers, a "Greeny" set, Kramer “Eruption” (Zebra) humbucker, P-90 options, Dirty Fingers SM, Thunderbird Modern and a slew of other pickups available in various colours and covered or uncovered options.

The humbucker is one of the most famous in history, the conventional humbucking guitar pickups being invented by Seth Lover of Gibson in the early 50s. Today sees the addition of 22 new pickups to bolster Gibson’s already impressive collection of pickups.

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The additions see new pickups added to the Historic, Original and Modern pickup collections, as well as Artists models and Kramer pickups who now operate under Gibson’s family of brands. There’s classics like the new Underwound ‘57 Humbucker and Custombuckers, as well as newer additions like the Greenybucker set, paying homage to (current owner) Kirk Hammet’s legendary “Greeny” Les Paul with pickups famously disoriented.

These pickups reflect the best in pickups that Gibson has to offer, and are built to the most exacting standards using tested methods that Gibson has been using for almost 95 years.

The pickups are available now from Gibson, all being built to spec in the Gibson Pickup Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. From historic models, featuring tried and true designs and sounds, through to more modern pickups that have redefined what it means to buck hum, the Gibson Pickup Shop Collection has something for all styles, guitars, genres and players.