United Plugins & Muramasa Audio’s Electrum has pedal combinations galore

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United Plugins & Muramasa Audio’s Electrum has pedal combinations galore

(Source: United Plugins)
Words by Sam McNiece

Allowing you to order them in any way you see fit.

Haven’t you dreamed about having one plugin to do all your guitar channel processing? Dream no longer, Electrum will fill the void in your setup with eleven effects units in one.

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Boasting any guitar, any style flexibility, Electrum sure does have a lot of features. There are modules for Gate, Compression, Doubler, Modulation, Autowah, Distortion, Amp, Cabinet, EQ, Delay and Reverb. All of these can be routed in whatever order you choose via the sliding panel on top of the plugin.

All of the aforementioned modules function as you’d expect them to with a few cool additions. The Modulation pedal has Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremelo and Sweeper on sliders which means you can dial all of them at different levels. The EQ has seven frequency bands with an extra band labeled ‘X’, described as the magic guitar frequency.

Electrum features over 300 unique guitar cab simulations with five different amp types. There’s a large amount of customisation available here with no stone left unturned. The plugin runs at 64-bit and says it can handle any sample rate (yep, over 192kHz).

One quite nifty feature of this plugin is EQ Matching. By feeding a guitar performance through Electrum, it will analyse the tone and auto match the most similar sounding setting available. Neat. Another cool one is input level normalisation, which changes the input gain depending on how hard you play, a nice way to utilise your headroom.

With such a wide range of options, Electrum delivers them all on the front screen of the plugin, no digging through menus to change one setting.

The GUI for this plugin is quite striking in it’s 3D nature, and if it’s too much for you, there’s an option to enable a 2D view.

Check out an intro to this plugin below.

Electrum is available now through United Plugins.