Audix unveil professional in-ear monitors A10 and A10x

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Audix unveil professional in-ear monitors A10 and A10x

(Source: Audix)
Words by Sam McNiece

Their first IEM which is shipping now.

Audix have long been a big name in the microphone business. As speakers are basically the inverse of microphones on a mechanical level, it seems only logical that they would foray into producing high-quality in-ear monitors.

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These new editions to the A-series are Audix’s first in-ear models, designed for critical listening and live sound monitoring. Both earphones feature dynamic low-mass moving coil assembly, with 10mm drivers and gold-plated MMCX connectors which allow 360 degree movement of the headphone to ensure it fits comfortable.

The difference in the two is with their diaphragms. The A10 features a titanium alloy diaphragm, which has a linear bass response allowing for a flat frequency response. Meanwhile, the A10X has a beryllium diaphragm enabling for an extended bass response and high energy sound.

Both sets have a low 35 ohm impedance and come in a soft carry case, with three sizes of silicone ear tips to better fit your ears. With standard 3.5mm jacks, you could use these with consumer grade products as well.

Boasting a dynamic range of over 105dB and low-distortion output, these headphones suit live applications as much as studio use.

These in-ear headphones are shipping now and will be available very soon.

Check out more on these two models via the Audix Website and for local enquiries hit up PAVT.