Ibanez release five new Iron Label series axes focused on metal guitarists

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Ibanez release five new Iron Label series axes focused on metal guitarists

(Source: Ibanez)
Words by Sam McNiece

With a gripping new heavy metal themed logo to match.

Ibanez’s new Iron Label series guitars have been unveiled, to signify their commitment to guitarists who play metal and related genres. Five striking designs all in black are available and Ibanez have redesigned the series logo to look in line with metal branding.

What you need to know:

  • Ibanez have added two basses and three electric guitars to their Iron Label Series.
  • The collection is aimed at metal players with 5-string basses and two 7-string guitars.
  • Both bass guitars feature a 3-band EQ to hone your tone.

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This range of guitars from Ibanez are all built with Okoume bodies, which provide a bright and solid sound, let’s take a look into the specifics of these models.

All three guitars feature DiMarzio passive D-Activator pickups, which are powerful, clean, open and most importantly have a tight low-end response. Gotoh machine heads fit the sleek vibe of these guitars and provide precision tuning with a smooth feel.

There’s Wizard maple/walnut necks that boast “unlimited playability for demanding players” with 24 jumbo frets on the ebony fretboard and simple Volume and Tone knobs.

The X guitars bring a new meaning to the term axe, with one of the pointiest X shaped bodies on the market. Both six and seven string versions have a low profile tremolo arm (whammy bar) to channel your inner Kirk Hammett. The Iceman opts for a curvier look with more accessible locking machine heads.

Both bass guitars, the SR and BTB feature Ebanol fretboards, which is a synthetic material made from paper and phenolic resin, meant to sound “tight and bright”. For pickups theres the Bartolini BH2’s, which are dual-coil style and provide a tight low-end and punchy mids.

Interestingly, they both feature 3-band EQ with switchable mid frequency centering. Utilising this would allow you to fit in with your band on stage easier or change tones between songs. Very neat.

Design wise, these bass guitars are pretty similar with the BTB having a pointier body shape than the SR.

These guitars have been announced and will be available to purchase soon.

Take a look at the Iceman in action below.

For more information head to Ibanez’s website.