Yours & Owls Festival announces new dates for 2021

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Yours & Owls Festival announces new dates for 2021

As it stands, Yours & Owls is now set to go down on January 23 and 24 next year. The organisers have claimed in a statement that the date change is a necessity to ensure the event rolls out as planned, with January allowing for a much greater likelihood for the festival.


“We are conscious of the costs that come along with planning to attend our festival and the amount of organisation you all put in to come and spend the weekend with us,” a statement from Yours & Owls declared today. 


“We want to ensure we plan the festival at a date that gives it the best chance of actually happening. With the current situation we are all in, we don’t feel in anyway confident that will be a possibility in early October.”


Other than the new date, it seems like Yours & Owls will be going ahead at their usual home in Stuart Park, Wollongong. The festival have also hinted that the lineup for 2021 has been finalised, and is expected to drop within the coming weeks – we cannot wait. 



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