Bluesfest has already locked in 60 artists for its 2021 festival

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Bluesfest has already locked in 60 artists for its 2021 festival

Around half of these are international with the other half being Aussies. While there is still uncertainty surrounding how the event will look, Noble affirmed that Bluesfest will be malleable to the times and restrictions and will alter its proven framework if need be.


The positive response from artists and ticket buyers in light of the 2020 cancellation has given Bluesfest plenty of hope and strengthened the understanding of the festival’s draw and importance.


“The faith and support shown by so many artists who want to come back in 2021, and who were confirmed to play in 2020 before we were directed to cancel Bluesfest 2020 by the government three weeks out from Easter is something that makes us feel honoured and inspired,” Noble said in a statement via Facebook.


“Even further the encouragement shown by you our ticket buyers by telling us how much you support us and will be coming back next year, is humbling.”


Noble said that while the lineup is currently at about a 50/50 split of internationals to Aussies, Bluesfest are flexible in swaying to the availabilities of the artists.


“If we find that the internationals can’t come, we will add more Aussies. If we find the internationals can come, we might add more internationals. If the government finds the way to lift restrictions, we will celebrate a fairly normal Bluesfest event, if there is such a thing,” he continued.




The 2020 event was cancelled just weeks out from Easter, when it was scheduled to take place. The likes of Lenny Kravitz, Patti Smith, Alanis Morissette, Kool & The Gang and so many more were scheduled to perform at the event.


If there is any indication about some of the acts coming back for 2021, Bluesfest Touring just announced that Smith alongside George Benson, The Gipsy Kings, The Wailers and more had rescheduled their tours for next year. So there’s a hot tip for you.


Bluesfest will make its return from April 1 to April 5, 2021. Find out more via the festival website.