The new Markbass Gloxy Bass series 

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The new Markbass Gloxy Bass series 

MarkBass Gloxy Bass
Words by Mixdown staff

The comfortable neck, versatile pickups, and solid construction make it a great choice for bassists who want a quality instrument without breaking the bank. 

The new Markbass Gloxy GV series of basses offers a compelling combination of features for beginner and intermediate bassists. Featuring a new, eye catching and unique ‘Double Shaped’ headstock, with a Comfort C Shape Neck that’s crafted from hard maple, this neck profile is designed for smooth playability and comfortable hand positioning for hours of practice or performance.

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The Maple Fretboard offers a bright and articulate tone, perfect for a variety of playing styles, 20 frets allowing ample room for exploring the full tonal range of the instrument across all those genres!

Markbass Gloxy Bass

The 34″ scale length provides a familiar playing experience for most bassists and allows for comfortable string tension regardless of tuning.

The iconic P-Style Body is available in Basswood or Alder, with a bolt-on construction. Bolt-on necks provide a common and reliable construction method that allows for easy maintenance and potential for future upgrades, as well as subtly shaping the sound for a more controlled tone.

These basses are powered by Markbass JJ-Style MB Instrument PRE Pickups: these custom-designed pickups are inspired by the classic Jazz Bass design, offering a wide tonal range and plenty of punch.

For local enquiries, visit CMC Music.