Slate Digital announce SD-PE1 passive EQ

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Slate Digital announce SD-PE1 passive EQ

Slate Digital SD-PE1
Words by Mixdown staff

Slate Digital borrows from one of the most famous EQs in history, augmented with Slate's innovation and modern tech.

The Slate Digital SD-PE1 provides a realistic reproduction of a classic passive EQ while also providing unique features only possible through digital emulation and modelling. The most unique passive equalizer ever made joins the ever-expanding lineup of processors that make up the Virtual Mix Rack ecosystem.

Slate Digital SD-PE1

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A natural side effect of passive EQs is that the audio coming out of them will always be significantly quieter than the audio going in. To combat this, the original hardware featured a tube amplifier stage after the EQ. Slate Digital made it possible to turn this stage on and off, which means you can remove those saturation and colour effects from the processed signal without a drop in output level.

On the original hardware model, frequency selection for processing was limited to what was presented on the front of the hardware. However, in addition to adding extra frequencies to each band, they’ve also made selection both stepped and incremental. It’s a tinkerer’s paradise!

The piece of hardware that directly inspired this plugin has been a studio staple since it was first introduced in the early 1960s. Its addition to Virtual Mix Rack’s ever-expanding plugin ecosystem brings even more historic analog processing power and colour right to your DAW.

Shop, try and hear the Slate Digital SD-PE1 here.