Roland revive a classic with the Juno-60 synth plug-in

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Roland revive a classic with the Juno-60 synth plug-in

Words by Will Brewster

The vintage-themed VST is now available on the Roland Cloud.

Ask any synth fanatic to rattle off a list of iconic ’80s keyboards, and more often than not, the Juno will be the first name that rolls off the tip of their tongue. Units like the sophisticated Juno-60 and its more streamlined – yet all the more infamous – Juno-106 would be used on countless hit records across multiple genres throughout the ’80s and beyond, with their legacy being just as formidable today as they were 40 years ago when they first hit the market.

Now, Roland have reissued the mighty Juno-60 – albeit in the form of a VST for their Roland Cloud service – giving producers a chance to secure the sounds of the iconic synth without dipping into their life savings.


  • Roland have ported the iconic Juno-60 analogue polysynth into a new VST plug-in for their Roland Cloud service.
  • The plug-in features all the same controls and features of the original ’80s unit and includes new additions such as a second envelope, extended oscillator range and Boss CE-1 chorus.
  • Users can control the Juno-60 plug-in via the Roland Boutique JU-06 or JU-06A and use it in conjunction with the Roland System-8 keyboard.

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Roland Juno-60 Software Synthesiser

Powered by their Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) modelling technology, the Roland Juno-60 software synthesiser brings all the sounds and features of the acclaimed analogue unit and squeezes them into a DAW-friendly software format.

The plugin replicates the Juno-60’s single DCO, sub-oscillator and VCF, as well as the glossy LFO section and arpeggiator of the original unit. The shimmering Chorus section has also been included for you to beef up your pads, while the plugin can also be placed into Unison mode for some fat lead and bass tones.

While remaining faithful to the design of the OG Juno-60, Roland’s new virtual emulation does include some new features to make it all the more versatile. One notable tweak is the addition of the Juno-106’s high-pass filter circuit, which can be selected alongside the original Juno-60 filter to toy with lighter tones.

Other additions include an extend oscillator range and secondary envelope, as well as a ‘secret’ third chorus mode that can be engaged by selecting both chorus buttons simultaneously. If that’s not enough chorus, the Juno-60 plug-in also boasts an extra chorus sound based on the classic Boss CE-1, with users also being able to add reverb, delay, flanger and overdrive to the mix here as well.

The Roland Juno-60 can be used as a VST/AU/AAX plug-in on both Mac and PC, and is also Plug-Out friendly, which means you can load it into the Roland System-8 synth to enjoy the feel of a hardware synth. It can even be controlled by the Roland Boutique JU-06 or JU-o6A should you have one on standby, making for an offer that even the most seasoned of synth heads won’t refuse.

Head to the Roland Cloud to find out more about the Juno-60 plug-in today.