Reviewed: TC Electronic Hall of Fame II Reverb Pedal

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Reviewed: TC Electronic Hall of Fame II Reverb Pedal

The new and improved HOF isn’t a complete revamp of the original, and that’s by no means a bad thing. Players have grown accustomed to the pedal’s parameters and design, so if you’re already familiar with its controls you’ll have no problem getting to know the new edition. And while it does everything that the original did, it also packs some exciting new features that’ll have you covered for multiple playing scenarios.


The cutting edge MASH technology essentially integrates all the added fluidity of an expression pedal into a compact format, which adds a whole new level of playability – and most importantly, musicality – to the Hall of Fame. You’re able to control almost every parameter imaginable through MASH integration, including length and decay, which can all be altered in real time on the fly. Paired with the lush, crystalline sounds of the shimmer function, you’re able to craft some ethereal dreamscapes and swells that sound utterly three-dimensional.



So, how do you make the most of the pedal’s expressive qualities and MASH function without actually plugging an expression pedal in? It’s all about the amount of pressure you apply to the footswitch. After a little bit of practise, the feel becomes innate. The harder you press; the more intense the effect. Simple. Effective. Brilliant. Plus, you’ve just freed up some space on your pedalboard for more effects.


As for the reverbs themselves, each type would sound fantastic in a standalone unit. The fact that you can get them all in a single pedal without sacrificing ease of use represents fantastic value for money. Church will have your ambient, clean leads sounding like they’ve been summoned inside the largest cathedral imaginable, while the spring function nails the old-school slilverface tone: perfect for rockabilly, blues and classic styles of playing. Mod and lofi settings offer some more experimental tones; while plate, hall and room will get you that crystal clear studio reverb that’ll have you sounding slick and clear.


All in all, each function on its own sounds fantastic. Together, they represent a well-rounded selection of reverbs that’ll take you from understated and lush to heavily effected ambience.


Capping it off, TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology will allow you to utilise the exact settings and tones used by artists including Steve Vai, Gary Lucas and Brian Welch. There’s a huge selection available to download via the TC website, meaning you’ll never be short of fresh inspiration.