Strymon’s Conduit is a sophisticated control hub for your MIDI stompboxes

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Strymon’s Conduit is a sophisticated control hub for your MIDI stompboxes

Words by Will Brewster

Loaded with four independently configurable jacks.

Stompbox titans Strymon have debuted the Conduit, a compact MIDI interface designed to over expansive control over your pedalboard.

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Decked out in a brushed green aluminium chassis, the Conduit allows users to connect their MIDI-capable pedals and control them all within one box, and also allows for multiple units to be chained together to control more pedals if needed.

It’s loaded with four bi-directional TRS MIDI jacks, all of which are independently configurable, letting you build and send preset changes to your entire pedalboard with the use of an external controller.

The Conduit offers plug-and-play functionality for anyone utilising a Strymon pedal, however, the company also affirm that it’s easy to configure the device with over pedal types.

Additionally, the unit functions as a standalone MIDI/USB interface, letting you hook up your pedalboard to your DAW of choice to automate patch and preset changes.

The device even lets you capture parameter adjustments and save them as automations within a sequence, letting you incorporate real-time changes into your tracks to create fluid, natural-feeling movements within a song.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, Strymon’s Conduit is also loaded with a micro USB port to hook it up to your computer or other device, while a 9VDC plug is used to provide power into the pedal.

Check out all the specs in the video below.

Find out more about the Conduit via Strymon’s website.