Strymon StarLab: Modular reverb unit to take your sound to outer space

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Strymon StarLab: Modular reverb unit to take your sound to outer space

Strymon StarLab modular reverb effects unit
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring Karplus-Strong delay and harmonics controls.

Pedal masters Strymon have just announced StarLab, a modular effects unit that has a range of modulation parameters to tweak and adjust to create interesting reverb effects. The idea behind creating this device was to provide the highest quality reverb possible for modular systems.

What you need to know:

  • Strymon have released the StarLab time-warped reverberator which is a rack unit that is 28hp wide.
  • The unit features three selectable reverb types, a delay section with adjustable shimmer, glimmer, harmonics and a four-octave Karplus-Strong string synthesis mode.
  • StarLab is an analog modular rack unit, the device has an analog dry path and processes audio at 32-bit floating point.

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The StarLab is capable of producing quality reverb effects by simply using the supplied knobs on the modular device. The additional patch points allow for more control over specific parameters on the device and allows for them to be modulated. Onboard controls include Dry, Wet, Reverb Size, Decay, Shimmer, Glimmer, Delay Feedback, Delay/Tune, Low and High damp EQ plus an LFO generator.

With all these plus three reverb textures, you can create other-worldly reverb sounds without even plugging in some external LFOs. The device shines in a modular environment though, where parameters can be automated via external signal generators to create moving patches.

Karplus-Strong string synthesis is a voice module that loops a short waveform through delay lines to emulate plucked/bowed strings including damping. This delay runs concurrently with the reverb to create yet another layer of depth to your sound.

The StarLab is a digital pedal that processes audio at 32-bit floating point, but the dry path out, is completely analog and throughputs uncoloured audio—a bonus for analog modular enthusiasts.

Check out this video below to hear sound demos and a run through of the Strymon StarLab.

Check out Strymon’s website for more information on this effects unit and for local enquiries, get in touch with Amber Technology.