Dear Reality releases immersive monitoring headphone plugin dearVR MIX

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Dear Reality releases immersive monitoring headphone plugin dearVR MIX

dearVR MIX headphone plugin
Words by Eli Duxson

Turn your headphones into a brand new environment!

Immersive audio experts Dear Reality have brought their room virtualisation to the stereo world and released their latest monitoring plugin for headphones, the dearVR MIX, turning any professional studio headphones into a desired mixing environment.

What you need to know:

  • Dear Reality has launched the dearVR MIX AAX/VST3/AU plugin which transforms professional studio headphones into a virtual mixing room with customisable functions.
  • Ensures quality sonic translation to any sound system with virtual reference stereo mix rooms, customisable speaker positions, and non-studio acoustic environments.
  • Available for a special introduction price of USD $79 (approx. AUD $107) until November 30, 2021.

Read all the latest product news here.

The product introduces a new Spatial Headphone Compensation (SHC) feature adapting the 44 most used professional studio headphones to the virtual mixing room, enabling a model-independent and stable simulation of a perfect acoustic environment.

This allows audio producers, artists, and content creators to ensure their stereo productions translate reliably to any sound system from three virtual reference stereo mix rooms with four selectable loudspeaker positions, to an additional six non-studio acoustic environments, such as a car or a club – all without leaving the workstation.

Each mix room can be adapted to the user’s taste by controlling the amount of diffusion and setting the perfect balance between overall colouration and localisation based on the patented Clarity algorithm from Sennheiser AMBEO.

“When developing dearVR MIX, it was all about creating ultimate virtual acoustic environments for headphone mixing,” said Christian Sander, the CEO of Dear Reality.

“All the experience we have gained in the field of spatial audio comes together in one stellar plugin, dearVR MIX puts this technology in the hands of everyone”.

The plugin is only available online for USD $99 (approx. AUD $134).

Until November 30, 2021, users benefit from a special introduction price of USD $79 (approx. AUD $107), while Dear Reality offers a free 14-day trial at

The SHC feature has been made available to all dearVR virtual monitoring plugins.

Check out this video below for a run through of the headphone plugin.

Check out Dear Reality’s website for more information.