Dedicated luthier Tom Bingham makes Star Wars themed guitars

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Dedicated luthier Tom Bingham makes Star Wars themed guitars

Words by Mixdown Staff

Admired by Star Wars Director JJ Abrams

Dedicated luthier, Tom Bingham is the proud owner of a collection of custom made guitars created in celebration of the much-adored, Star Wars film series. In a humbling twist, the spaceship shaped instruments impresses even the director himself.

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At the age of 68, Bingham has been making guitars out of various items and materials for years. After posting a video on YouTube of the guitars that resemble spaceships including Y-Wing Starfighter, B-Wing Starfighter, and the Millennium Falcon, he received an unexpected card from JJ Abrams, congratulating him on his creation.

Each guitar is created out of spaceship toys that Bingham sources himself and takes around three months to build. While his Star Wars guitars have received quite a lot of attention, there is a range of guitar types in his collection. From cigar boxes to oil cans, it’s clear the experienced guitar maker is no stranger to thinking outside the box.

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