Sparklehorse’s posthumous album Bird Machine is out now

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Sparklehorse’s posthumous album Bird Machine is out now

Words by Mixdown staff

Mark Linkous's life and times are commemorated in the posthumous album, Bird Machine, a collection of the recordings and tapes written and produced for the band.

Mark was better known as frontman for Sparklehorse, who wrote and performed indie rock until he took his own life in 2010. Mark’s brother Matt and sister-in-law Melissa have uncovered from archived tapes and recordings.

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Of the music, Melissa said:

There’s the pain in his music but also hope and beauty. Mark took what he had as experience and put it into song and poetry: trying to find peace, working to stay, the struggles of being human.”

Mark Linkous built a profile as a stalwart of indie rock, his dreamy, folky, imaginative reflections on the world around him finding a home in music’s history books. Melissa and Matt recall Mark’s inspiration before he died, his excitement for the Sparklehorse album that was to be, as well as the songs already beginning to take shape. These recordings, musings and ideas are what Bird Machine offers listeners.

Mark said:

It means so much to me, this last batch of beautiful stuff that my brother was putting together. When I sit down and put on a pair of headphones, I’ll put on the first track and run it all the way through. Everything from “It Will Never Stop” to “I Fucked it Up” to “Stay” that’s Mark just letting it out.”

Bird Machine is available now, keeping reading here.