Celebrating 70 years of Guild Guitars

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Celebrating 70 years of Guild Guitars

Guild guitars
Words by Mixdown staff

Guild guitars celebrates 70s years of the company by paying tribute to some of their most famous designs and the artists who played them.

Guild are a guitar company heavily featured in music’s history books, thanks to their unique take on guitar designs, both aesthetically and sonically, as well as the artists who have trusted their guitars to help communicate their vision.

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Muddy Waters needs no introduction. Having famously been a huge influence on a little known band called The Rolling Stones, Muddy made a name for himself in Chicago, spearheading Chicago Blues. Muddy played an S-200 T-Bird Guild Guitars electric, Muddy’s guitar featured two single coil pickups and vibrato bridge.

Moving south to Mississippi, John Smith Hurt was an American country-blues singer and guitarist who recorded some songs in the 1920’s, before the folk revival of the 60s saw the (now 71 year old) Hurt skyrocket to fame. This comeback was with a Guild F-30 in his hands, his unique, pioneering fingerpicking style making the F-30 a perfect match for him.

Johnny Smith, a jazz guitar aficionado who played alongside the likes of Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and George Shearing, as well as being a staff player at NBC. Smith’s rise to fame saw him collaborating with Alfred Dronge (Guild’s founder) in 1955, a partnership that resulted in the Guild Johnny Smith Award, a full-bodied archtop guitar with a top carved from solid spruce and a back and sides made of solid maple.

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