Blackstar return with Club Series Valve Amps, the HT Venue MK III

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Blackstar return with Club Series Valve Amps, the HT Venue MK III

Blackstar HT Venue
Words by Mixdown staff

Blackstar have spent the last few decades slowly clawing their way up the chain of command of the world’s best amplifiers.

Being well-known for their solid-state amplifiers and their speaker cabinets, the Blackstar Club Series amplifiers are also highly revered, the HT Venue valve amplifiers now back in its third iteration in the MK III Series.

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Making up the range are a combination of heads, cabinets and combo amplifiers. There’s the HT Club 40 MK III, HT Stage 60 112 MK III and HT Stage 60 212 MK III combos, and HT Club 50 MK III and HT Stage 100 MK III heads. For speaker cabinets, the range offers HTV-112 and HTV-212 speaker cabinets, as well as HTV-412A (angled) and HTV-412B (straight) cabinets.

The HT Venue MK III employs Blackstar’s advanced CabRig DSP technology, allowing users to record silently if needed, as well as re-amping later via no-latency, cabinet emulations, as well as different mics on different axes at different distances, while also modelling the room itself.

The new range from Blackstar’s HT Venue provides just about everything a guitar could need in a tidy package, perfect for either studio or live use. The MK III range builds on an existing range with revised Voices on each channel, subtle hardware upgrades like new LED lights, a metal nameplate and power reduction features.

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