Sonible announce AI-powered smart:gate plug-in

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Sonible announce AI-powered smart:gate plug-in

Sonible smart gate
Words by Mixdown staff

Noise gates are one of the most used utility plugins, second only to maybe equalisers.

The Sonible smart:gate plug-in is available now, joining a collection of smart plugins like smart:EQ 3, smart:comp 2, smart:limit and smart:reverb.

Most noise gate plugins include some intelligent features, like ‘Look Ahead’, that allows the gate to analyse the upcoming audio and open or close depending on the threshold, rather than reacting in the moment.

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Gates work by removing unwanted noise, but allowing through signal once it exceeds a certain threshold. This is generally helpful, but sometimes the noise, bleed and ambience can be on pretty equal footing with the source signal; hi-hats and ghost notes on snares come to mind immediately!

What makes the Sonible smart:gate so unique is that it’s powered by artificial intelligence. It differs in that it’s not always reacting to a threshold, but more so a ‘content-aware’ gate. What this means, is that once Smart:Gate has been set to focus on the source, it can continue to operate as a ‘traditional’ sounding gate. There’s additional functionality to tweak further if needed, as well as bypassing the AI tech entirely and using it as a traditional noise gate if needed.

Sonible smart:gate is available now at a special introductory price, as well as having student discounts available!

For more info, visit Sonible.