Redbeard Effects launch new Angry Rhubarb overdrive pedal

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Redbeard Effects launch new Angry Rhubarb overdrive pedal

(Source: Redbeard Effects)
Words by Eli Duxson

Featuring two drive stages.

Mikey Demus’ Redbeard Effects have launched their third stompbox, the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII. The UK based guitar effect company whose ethos is centred around “offering highly engineered hand made products,” produce a pedal designed to bring a fair amount of grunt to whatever you throw at it.

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Boasting two overdrive circuits, the Angry Rhubarb has a lot going for it. The pedal features pre and post drives which work alongside the single band parametric EQ, as well as a completely analogue circuit with true bypass switching.

The pre drive sends more volume into the EQ circuit, while the post drive adjusts the EQ’s presence in the wet mix. 

“There’s a lot of debate over whether an overdrive circuit sounds better before or after an EQ circuit,” they said. “We figured, why not have both?”

The parametric EQ allows for users to boost or cut frequencies from 80Hz to 4kHz up to 6dB, allowing for truly targeted and designed tones.

With Skindred’s Mikey Demus providing practical input on what musicians require from an overdrive pedal and ThorpyFX’s Adrian Thorpe adding his world class circuit design expertise, this pedal shapes up to have guitarists covered. 

This pedal accompanies Redbeard’s previous two pedals in the Red Mist MKIV and the Honey Badger Octave Fuzz, the former of which was a nomination for the Best Pedal of’s Gear of the Year awards.

Take a look at an overview of this pedal and some of the sick tones it can create below.

For more information on this pedal, check out Redbeard Effects.