You Can Now Control Your Entire Pedalboard With A Single Stompbox

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You Can Now Control Your Entire Pedalboard With A Single Stompbox


The latest offering from Disaster Area is the new generation of DMC pedals, a small little device that simplifies selecting programs and pedal settings. The 3XL can control expression, run loop recordings and set tap tempo to any given stompbox on your board.


As handy as that sounds, the DMC really pulls its weight when you send simultaneous commands to all of your pedals. The 3XL allows you to select the exact patches you want within a single tap. The pedal is fitted with a preset mode, where like changing the channel on your T.V, the DMC can change the channels on all of your pedals, at the same time.


Think of this as a normal MIDI multi fx pedal, where you can alter and change the sound and then save them in banks, to rather fit different songs or parts, now, the 3XL is the same, but you can do this to individual stompboxes by connecting a MIDI cable.


All you’ll need (besides the pedal itself) is one MIDI cable for each device you want to connect to the DMC-3XL, as MIDI is the communication protocol to feed the information.


Stil a bit confused? Here’s a demo video of the Gen 2 in action. 

To find out more about the DMC-3Xl 3Gen, visit Disaster Amps