Yamaha debut the THR30IIA stereo acoustic amplifier

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Yamaha debut the THR30IIA stereo acoustic amplifier

Featuring a simliar metal chassis to last year’s electric brethren, the THR30IIA packs 30 watts of power and two 3.5″ speakers, resulting in a stereo spread that’ll inject fullness into any acoustic sound. Five different amp models can be selected via a rotary encoder, with a three-way stereo imaging switch, three-band EQ and Tone  Blend knob allow for comprehensive tone tweaking. 


The THR30IIA also features modelling for three different microphone types – dynamic, tube and condenser – as well as a dedicated tone mode for those playing nylon string instruments. A Flat setting also lets players bypass all EQ settings to enjoy the pure acoustic signal of your preamp, and there’s also inbuilt reverb, chorus, compression and delay effects on offer to help colour your sound further.


With inputs for TRS and XLR cables, a stereo 1/8″ auxiliary input, 1/4″ line outputs and a headphone output, the amp appears to be an ideal solution for any self-accompanied buskers, while a rechargeable battery and wireless transmission via a Line 6 Relay lets you roam free without worrying about getting tripped up by long cables. 


Elsewhere, Yamaha’s latest offering provides users with preset storage and Bluetooth connectivity to stream backing tracks or practise to, while the THR Remote and Yamaha Rec’n’Share allows for hands-free tone tweaking and recording. There’s even a USB input to connect to your DAW to instantly lay down ideas, making the THR30IIA an unbeatable solution for the gigging acoustic musician. 



Get in touch with Yamaha Music Australia to find out more about the THR30IIA today.