D’Angelico unveil new limited edition models

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D’Angelico unveil new limited edition models

Comprised of the Atlantic, Deluxe Brighton, Deluxe Bedford SH, Mini DC, SS DC, SS and 175, the D’Angelico Deluxe series is available in three new finishes: Matte Charcoal, Matte Walnut and Matte Surf Green. 


Each guitar also features new custom electronics from the likes of TV Jones and Seymour Duncan such as SM-1b mini humbuckers and Seth Lover A4 pickups, as well as coil-splittable TV Jones DA-Tron humbuckers for the exquisite Deluxe 175. 


To put the cherry on top, a number of new Limited Edition models also boast chrome and gold hardware, giving them an unparalleled aesthetic sheen to really stand out from the pack. 


If you’re keen to get your mitts on one of these limited models, you better move quick: there’s only 50 of each unit being made available to the public, and we can’t imagine they’re going to last long in stores. 



Head to the D’Angelico website for more details on the new range.