Teenage Engineering, M-Audio + more: our five favourite gear releases of the week

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Teenage Engineering, M-Audio + more: our five favourite gear releases of the week

1. Teenage Engineering x Capcom Pocket Operators

After the release of last year’s Rick & Morty-themed edition, Swedish synth gurus Teenage Engineering have partnered with Capcom to unveil new Pocket Operators based on two of the Japanese developer’s most iconic retro games. Taking inspiration from Street Fighter and Mega Man respectively, the PO-133 and PO-128 are both crammed with many of the same sounds and graphics from the original arcade games, and feature inbuilt speakers for geeky on-the-go jams. 


Featuring 40 seconds of sample time and a built-in microphone, the PO-133 Street Fighter is packed with eight drum and melodic sample slots a piece, as well as 16 effects and a Jam Sync function to hook up to other Pocket Operators. Meanwhile, the PO-128 Mega Man offers a live synth and sequencer with punch-in effects, parameter lock and glide control, while a 16-step sequencer and 16 patterns allows for all kinds of bleep-bloop fun. Keep your eyes peeled for them on the market soon!



2. M-Audio BX Series Multimedia Monitors 

Packing Black Kevlar low frequency drivers and silk dome tweeters, the new M-Audio BX range of monitors aims to provide a utilitarian monitor to the average prosumer or home producer at a price that won’t blow the bank. The series, comprised of the 3.5″ BX3 and the bigger 4.5″ BX4, also feature 1″ tweeters with 120 watts of RMS power, ensuring that they’re more than capable in home studio or bedroom environments. 


Each monitor makes use of high and low EQ controls, as well as left/right active speaker position switches to allow for flexible studio setups. There’s also 1/4″, 1/8″ and RCA inputs on the back of each unit, with cables being provided to allow for plug and play straight out of the box. If you’re seeking a cheap set of monitors for home production, content creation or even to pair with a turntable, these ones might be the ticket.



3. Roland TD-07KV V-Drums

Perfect for the apartment-bound drummer, Roland have released their new TD-07KV V-Drums, a compact and affordable digital drum kit powered by the TD-07 drum module. Complete with a bunch of acoustic and electronic percussion samples, the TD-07 allows players to edit drum sounds, add damping, change kit ambiance and EQ each drum to achieve the sound in their heads. 


The Roland TD-07KV also features Bluetooth and USB/MIDI connectivity for easy recording, jamming and rehearsal, while the PDX-8 snare pad feature independent rim and head zones for assigning different sounds. Meanwhile, the compact and rugged frame of the TD-07KV should allow it to easily squeeze into any bedroom or lounge room space, providing a viable alternative for any drummer looking to not piss off their neighbours with copious amounts of tub action. 



4. Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30

Announced this week, the Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 is much more than just another acoustic amplifier. On top of featuring three inputs for TRS, Line and XLR sources, four-channel USB recording capabilities and inbuilt effects, this compact little unit features the ability to plug in your smartphone to use the amp while streaming audio, making it a hot contender for the most practical amplifier released this year. 


The ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 also makes use of Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls to make your signal sound full regardless of room size, and there’s even a nifty kick-stand to tilt the amp back. Considering the potential of this amp when paired with a live-streaming set-up, there’s some huge value for money being put on display here, and we can’t wait to try it out.



5. Shure DuraPlex range

As any field recordist or journalist will tell you it’s essential to choose a microphone that’s built to withstand the weather, and with the DuraPlex, Shure have created a microphone range that does just that. These subminiature microphones scrape in at a scant 5mm in size, with an omnidirectional pickup pattern making them best suited for broadcast and theatre applications. 


Crafted to endure dust, dirt and when submerged up to a metre deep in water, the DuraPlex range is perfect for all you seasoned journalists looking to go through hell and high water to get a scoop. The microphones are also available in four different flesh tones to help disguise it against your skin, as well as LEMO or TA4F connectors to hook up to a transmitter of your choice. 



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