Yamaha announces the STAGEPAS 1K Portable PA System

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Yamaha announces the STAGEPAS 1K Portable PA System

Derived from their previously acclaimed VXL series, the STAGEPAS 1K’s two array speakers are loaded with ten 1.5″ drivers, which have been specifically modified to suit the needs of the on-the-go musician. The two array speakers sit directly atop of the subwoofer, with two spacers being included to allow for height and horizontal coverage adjustment. There’s also no connection cables needed to hook up the array speakers to the subwoofer, making the STAGEPAS 1K a true ‘plug and play’ kind of unit. 



The Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K’s also boasts a beefy 12″ subwoofer for those boomy low frequencies, with Twisted Flare Port technology to minimise wind noise interacting with the bass reflex port. The subwoofer section of the 1K also doubles as the housing for the 1000W class-D amplifier, outputting 119dB and maintaining “exceptional stability and sound quality, even at high output.” Yamaha even allow you to hook up two STAGEPAS PA’s together for a wider coverage – just in case you wanted to hear your cousin’s inebriated wedding speech in true stereo. 



Users are able to feed signal into the STAGEPAS 1K via the integrated 5-channel digital mixer, which offers a stereo input alongside three mono microphone / line input channels. All channels feature a one-knob EQ, while the mono inputs also feature reverb sends for integrated reverb and delay effects. The master section of the mixer also features a mode knob to allow you to choose between Speech, Music and Club settings, offering ‘optimised compression settings’ for different applications. The STAGEPAS 1K can also be remote-controlled via Bluetooth technology, letting you adjust volume and EQ settings on the fly via your iOS or Android device for a truly portable PA experience. 


Head to Yamaha Australia to find out more about the STAGEPAS 1K today.