Yamaha Announce the MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

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Yamaha Announce the MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

With advanced audio routing capabilities, the unit is designed to allow users to easily configure and manage studio monitoring environments. Built to respond to new challenges arising from advents in the world of audio formats and technology, the MMP1 adapts to the diversity and complexity of monitor and communication needs in the most efficient way. Much more than a monitor controller, it is a comprehensive package of essential studio functionality that offers optimum support for in-the-box mixing workflows.


With a 40 x 36 Monitor Matrix to monitor source mixing, the MMP1 supports formats from stereo to immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and NHK 22.2. It has eight cue outputs and two talkback systems for communication between the recording studio and control room.



Yamaha are available in Australia via au.yamaha.com.