What You Need To Listen To Hi Res Tunes

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What You Need To Listen To Hi Res Tunes

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Your speakers might do the trick when you want to drunkenly belt out ‘S Club Party’ at two in the morning, but you cannot possibly imagine how killer Dudley’s vocals would sound through the KEF X300A Speakers. This product is super versatile, hands down on of the best options for playing high-resolution audio from a computer without interfering gear. Think of the possibilities; Fallout 4 would be crazy immersive through these babies. You can order them from a clean $800 through kefdirect.com.

If your MP3 files just aren’t cutting it, Sony’s 128GB Walkman Hi-Res Digital Music Player can output your HRA files to both speakers and headphones. So, next time you’re desperately trying to get your friend onboard with a newfound underground artist, give them the best first impression possible. They’re going for $1,200 at Sony’s online store.


The NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier stands out against competition, as it can play high-resolution audio on standard speakers. At $499, you can probably justify it as an exuberant self-given Christmas gift. You can order it at from the NAD online store.


For all of your Hi Res audio needs, head to www.openlive.co.


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