Revolutionary Heat-Activated, Contoured Drumsticks

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Revolutionary Heat-Activated, Contoured Drumsticks


The Active Wave sticks feature a tacky heat-activated coating that gets stickier as the drummer’s hands heat the sticks while playing. The new technology provides drummers with additional grip, and a wave handle that provides comfortable grooves for fingers and thumbs.


The sticks are great for those sweaty drummers that find they let a stick or two fly out mid-gig. “The new ActiveGrip feels like a regular hickory drumstick at the start of the show, and gets tackier when my hands start sweating. It’s an absolute breakthrough in grip,” Kotche says. “To meet the demanding performances of Wilco and my other projects, I needed a special grip solution that I could trust, that didn’t feel like rubber or a synthetic.”


“Plus, the WaveHandle design adds an additional contoured grip that also works as its own sound source. I’ve always dreamed of a drumstick like this, and I’m proud to share it with other drummers that demand the ultimate grip without sacrificing feel.”


Watch the drumstick demonstration video below.