Weezer release limited edition Black Album Stratocaster

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Weezer release limited edition Black Album Stratocaster

In accordance with the blackout aesthetic donned by Weezer for the release of the album, the Stratocaster features an all matte black construction, with its fretboard, electronics and hardware fully wrapped in shadows. A Weezer ‘W’ decal also features prominently behind the hardtail string-through bridge of the instrument and on the neckplate, while a lightning bolt is also added to the belly cut of the guitar’s upper body. 


The limited-edtion Weezer Black Album Stratocaster also boasts a fairly minimal approach to its electronics, with a single volume knob controlling what appear to be two Seymour Duncan trembuckers – just like Rivers Cuomo’s famous Warmoth Strat. 


As cool as it may be, don’t expect to see the Weezer Black Album Strat in stores any time soon, with the band confirming it’s a very limited once off model. For your chance to enter the sweepstakes, you’ll have to visit the Weezer Black Metal Hub, which also features items such as limited Weezer disposable cameras, coffee beans, cups and more. 




Check out the Weezer Black Metal Hub here