Vox Unveil Limited Edition British Racing Green Amp Finishes

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Vox Unveil Limited Edition British Racing Green Amp Finishes


This isn’t the first time that Vox have unveiled a limited colour scheme or even the British Racing Green edition to their amps. Though slightly different to their last efforts, this time Vox has not tweaked or altered anything inside the series, meaning it is identical to the production runs.

Vox recently commented, “Vox’s long tradition of limited edition custom colour amps has been extremely popular amongst VOX players for decades. The AC-BRG series is adorned in the quintessential custom colour, British Racing Green. The classic colour is synonymous with Britain’s racing car legacy and adds an extra touch of British class to an already distinguished amplifier. Paired with Vox’s long-adored brown diamond fret cloth, the iconic look of these amplifiers in complete.”

The new Vox British Racing Green Amps are available for the MINI5, AC4C1-12, AC10C1, AC30C2, plus VT20X and VT40X.  The new series offers to revamp the aesthetic of their amp series by putting them into a new light. This isn’t the first time Vox have offered a refurbished run before and it certainly won’t be the last.

To find out more about Vox products visit voxamps.com.