Victory launch the Copper VC35 amplifier

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Victory launch the Copper VC35 amplifier

Boasting a total wattage of 35W, The Copper is loaded with four EL84 valves in the power amp section, while two 12AX7s and one EF184 valve labour away in the preamp stage. Although there’s only a single channel to play with here, The Copper definitely isn’t restrictive by any means; there’s a three-band EQ with bass cut and mid boost switches to dial in the chime, while Gain, Master, Tone Cut and Reverb allow for even further tonal flexibility. There’s also the option to reduce the wattage of the amplifier from 35W to 12W for recording at quieter volumes, making this one suitable for bedroom bandits and gigging guitarists alike. 



Connectivity-wise, Victory’s The Copper features three speaker outputs, with options for 1×16 Ohms, 1×8 Ohms or 2×16 Ohms. There’s also a dedicated FX loop which can be triggered via an external footswitch, which can also be used to switch on reverb. Listen to how it sounds in the above demonstration – it’s definitely got a gnarly Vox vibe to it.


Read more about The Copper over at Victory’s website